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Let eTalkGlobal assist your spoken English conversation.  Using Skype (you will need to download to your computer) we will meet online for anywhere between 30 minutes to one hour sessions. The topics will be ones that are casual in nature and that will make you feel comfortable. The more you talk, the more your confidence will improve and before long, you will be beginning the conversation with a native English speaker.

From contract workers to landed immigrants that need to polish their English skills in their business and personal environment.
  • Speaking - one on one, presenting in the board room, and better relating to their customers or co-workers
  • Telephone, Skype, Video Conferencing conversation, through simulated conversation on all these mediums.
Assists participants to better succeed in the business community.  Our English instruction environment emphasizes practical use of English and is the most beneficial and cost effective use of ESL Educational training time.Our instructors are highly skilled and experienced teaching all levels of ESL.

ESL Instruction Private / Classroom